Shatta Wale Reveals the reason Why He Changed His Name From Bandana

Self acclaimed dancehall King, shatta wale has revealed why he changed his name from Bandana to shatta Wale. In an interview with, The Dancehall King  hitmaker revealed that the name change was part of a rebranding process and that, the name  Bandana  Was too local for the international market.

“Well, it was rebranding… I wanted to explore more into the world. I wanted to make my songs known by the bigger markets, and as a dancehall artist I thought that the name Bandana was a bit local for the international market. Because we all know what Bandana is, but I had a different meaning for it. Later on I decided to get a name that will at least cause news, the only name that could do that was Shatta.”

He also claims the decision has been financially rewarding.

“But most Nigerians think that I’m Nigerian because of it. It’s good as a marketing strategy as well because anytime I go to Nigeria, people always ask me if I’m from there and I’m like ‘No’. They have a different meaning for Wale, so I just felt let me add the Wale to the Shatta and see how it goes and I think it has really worked. It’s an African ting.”

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