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Akosua Agyapong Says A 25 year Old Man Wanted To Date Her – Is Age really that Important?

Legendary Hilife musician Akosua Agyapong has revealed in an interview with 3news how a 25 year old young man approached her. The musician, who is married to Prophet Daniel Asamoah-Larbi of House of God International Prayer Ministry said she did not hesitate to give him her number after the guy asked for it.

“I was going to buy fuel and I was dressed in jeans and T-shirt and I had a cap on when I was suddenly approached by a young guy who walked up to me and called me sweetie.

“He then asked for my number and I didn’t hesitate because for a moment I thought he knew who I was and I usually do not have any problem giving my number out to people because it could be for any reason.”

According to Akosua Agyapong, the young man called after an hour or two and when she answered he asked her if she remembered him but she didn’t at that moment so he introduced himself as the guy from the fuel station.

“My kids were making noise when he called so he asked if they were my siblings and I told him they were my children but he thought I was kidding so he thought I was pulling his legs.

“During the conversation, he said he fancied me and asked to take me out, and then I asked how old he was then he replied saying 25 and said he had been thinking about me since he met me a few hours earlier.

The musician said she revealed her identity to the guy later on since the guy didn’t know who she was but surprisingly that did not push the guy off and that he still insisted on taking her out. The ace musician revealed that she later told the guy to call her in thirty minutes, even though the guy did call she did not answer her phone. My question is if Akosua  knew the intentions of the guy, why did she give her number to him in the first place???

Is Akosua Agyapong telling Us this story because the guy was way  younger than him or Is it because she is already marrried….The ace musician was once married to Amanzeba Nat Brew for 15, she is 57 years now.

“I asked him if he knew who I was but he didn’t so I had to introduce myself as Akosua Agyepong but surprisingly that did not put him off because he still insisted on taking me out which I thought was interesting and funny.

“I told him to call me back in 30 minutes and I realised he called a couple of times after but I didn’t answer my phone”.

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