Angelina Jolie ‘quits major Hollywood movie to avoid working with ex Brad Pitt’

Angelina Jolie has reportedly quit a major Hollywood movie so she doesn’t have to work with her ex Brad Pitt .

The Hollywood couple, who have worked on two major films together including Mr & Mrs Smith as well as By The Sea, reportedly spent several years on trying to get Africa into production.

With $110 million for the biopic, which is about archaeologist Dr. Richard Leakey, who championed the end of elephant poaching.

Not a source close to one of the movie’s producers has said that Angelina doesn’t want to be a part of the project and has stepped down from directing duties.

Meanwhile Brad was keen to pursue the movie. It was reported that the couple, who had been together for 12 years, were set to begin work on the film next year with Brad starring in the movie.

The reports that Angelina has quit the project come as it’s claimed that Brad is desperate to see his six children and has reportedly begged his estranged wife: “Please just let me see my kids”.

Angelina, who is said to be staying at a top secret location with the family, is said to be stopping the 52-year-old from visiting their six children allegedly until the FBI investigation has been completed.

It was alleged that Brad had an altercation with 15-year-old son Maddox on a private jet last Wednesday.

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