Agya Koo Did Not request money from the NDC – Matilda Asare Insists

Actress Matilda Asare has disparaged allegations made by Michael Ola in an interview with Kumasi Based Hello Fm, that Agya Koo wanted to join the National Democratic Congress (NDC)  but revoked his decision to endorse Nana Akufo Addo Instead due to certain benefits he did not get from the ruling party.

The Actress questioned the Kind of politics the opposition are doing. She stated emphatically that, the accusations are false and that evidence to such accusations does not exist. She further continue by stressing out that these allegations were crafted by the Opposition  due to the fact that she is campaigning for the New Patriotic Party (NPP) along with her colleagues.

“I laughed over this allegation when I heard it. What kind of politics are they doing? There is nothing on this planet that can prove that Agya Koo or myself went to NDC for money.

They are just hurt by our decision to campaign for NPP so they want to say anything but we do not care about those things.

We’ve not gone to NDC or NPP for cash so there is no truth in what Ola is saying. Our focus is not what he (Ola) is saying. All our focus is to let Ghanaians know the hardship in the country so lets change the government for Nana Addo to continue.” Matilda Asare told Dave Hama.


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