Kevin Hart Says He Feels “Blessed” After He Was Given A Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Actor and Comedian Kevin Hart has revealed how blessed he felt after he was given a star at the holly wood walk of fame. He took to Instagram to share how he felt. The Think Like A Man Actor wrote: “Words can’t explain the feeling that I have right now….. God is good. look momma I made it. #Harts #Blessed
#WhatNow #comedicrockstarshit #4DaysAway …

“Hard work pays off…. This is just the beginning people. I’m
inspired & motivated to do so much more.

“The last name HART will have a powerful meaning when it’s all said and done!!!! The road to making the world laugh continues…. Let’s make History this weekend damn it!!!! (sic)”

Though his star on the walk of fame comes as a result of the effort he put in his career as a comedian, Hart recently revealed that he would not allow his daughter to follow his foot steps.

He said: “It’s not going to happen. My daughter’s in love with comedy. She’s actually very funny – she has it. She has funny in her.

“My daughter wants to be an entertainer so bad, I’m just holding her back until she’s 18. I made a daddy decision to hold her back until she’s of age and then we can pursue whatever dream we want.

“[I want them] to enjoy being a kid. I’ve seen a lot of these kid stars, I’ve seen the way they come out when they’re adults.

“You don’t want that warped mind mentality. The ratio of ones that do and ones that don’t is higher. Right now, let’s knock off the important stuff first.”



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