My running mate studied politics in School – Akua Donkor Reveals

Disqualified presidential nominee of Ghana Freedom Party (GFP) Madam Akua Donkor has stated that her ‘semi illiterate’ running mate Mrs Patricia Asante studied politics in school.

She fell short to indicate which level her running mate whose age is subject of contention studied politics, but  described the Junior High School (JHS) school drop-out as hardworking and well vested in politics.

According to her, she had hoped to groom her running mate who has passion for politics to take over from her when she (Akua Donkor’s) time to be at the helm of affairs of the party elapses, hence her decision of settling on Patricia.

Her running mate is likely to face prosecution for public deceit as she is quoted to have mentioned conflicting ages of 42, 32 and 18 years in the nomination papers of Akua Donkor.

Speaking on Abusua FM’s Abusua Nkommo hosted by Kwame Adinkrah, Madam Akua Donkor admitted that her disqualification was partly because of confusion over her running mate’s age.

She hinted that the Electoral Commission (EC) refused to rectify Mrs. Asante’s age from 18 years to 42 years when the anomaly was realised.

A disappointed presidential nominee said Mrs. Asante’s father died early, hence her failure to possess a birth certificate.

Madam Akua Donkor said birth registry officials chose a birthday date of 18 years for her running mate because she didn’t know her age as against 42years quoted by traditional birth attendant.

She accepted her disqualification, saying her form was freight with errors.

‘Another issue has to do with my running mate who is 18 years old who doesn’t qualify by law to be in that position, she is hardworking and vested in politics. She even studied politics in school and that she is a politician. I wanted to groom her in politics, hence my choice, but her age became a problem. I wanted to go the Western way of grooming talent from early stages, so that when am not around she would be in my position to change the fortunes of Ghana, like my free education policy idea,’ she explained.

Madam Akua debunked claims that her running mate is twelve years old.

She further urged her supporters to keep calm as 2020 is her surest bet to the Flagstaff House.

A section of the public has wondered why a semi illiterate who studied politics is unable to express herself in the Queen’s language.



source: ultimatefm

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