D Black Reveals why Joey B left Black Avenue Muzik

U x Me hitmaker, Joey B’s major breakthrough was when he featured on D Black’s Vera song. For sometime now, both acts are not being seen together, and fans started questioning why both acts are not been seen together like then and as well putting out songs together and more.

Business mogul and rapper, D Black has finally opened up about his relationship with Joey B on the Glitterati show. According to D Black, they didn’t fight as was speculated and that Joey B left his Black Avenue Muzik label to do his own thing on mutual grounds.

On what really happened between him and Joey B, the Club Onyx owner said, ‘Well nothing really happened, it wasn’t like we fought or something. Joey was my neighbor for like 10 years so, me signing him wasn’t like a business deal for me. It was just for personal help.”

He continued, “So he worked with me for the first time on my Vera song, then I later helped produced his Strawberry ginger, Cigarette and then Tonga. After Tonga, he said he wanted to leave, and I gave him my blessing. Indeed, Joey and I are still cool”.

D Black also disclosed that all is set to officially launch his new studio album to the public.



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