‘Maame Water’ Spirits Have Sex With Women Who Bath After 6 – Evangelist Zigah

The born again Mike Zigah, now an evangelist who was into occultism and was made to swallow snakes and killed so many people to make his money has revealed on the TIG Show on Hitz FM with the host, Franky5 that Maame Water Spirit, ‘Marine Spirit’ sleeps with women who bath after 6 in the evening.

According to the evangelist, there is a spirit called ‘Mahanta’ which is superior to the ‘marine spirit’ that controls affairs spiritually and can even marry women when it sees their nakedness. He stated that the spirit doesn’t operate in the daytime but at night.

He mentioned that wearing beads around one’s leg can easily attract the spirit.

‘The spirit can also operate through rings and live with you when you wear it for days, weeks, or months for the fun of it when you are not married.’ He further noted.

Evangelist Mike Zigah went on to say that the spirit also gets attracted to people who sing while taking their bath unless their spirit is stronger than that of the marine spirit.



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