Agya Koo Calls Mr Beautiful ‘Brainless’ for peddling falsehood about him

Agya Koo threw verbal punches at Clement Bonney describing him of lacking the requisite knowledge to criticize his decision to join the NPP.

According to him, Clement Bonney better known as Mr. Beautiful is not a serious minded person.

Actor Clement Bonney is reported to have hit hard at Agya Koo, who has declared support for the NPP and Nana Addo Dankwa.

Mr. Beautiful, speaking at the campaign launch of Okudzeto Ablakwa in the Volta Region over the weekend, told the crowd that they should carry the message to Agya Koo that he’s ungrateful .

According to him, Agya Koo has been taken on trips through government sponsorship , yet dares to turn around and endorses Nana Akuffo-Addo whilst claiming the NDC government has killed his career.

But responding to the allegations being leveled against him on Ashh fm’s National Agenda in Kumasi, Agya Koo said Mr. Beautiful is not matured enough for that matter he doesn’t want to spend time discussing him.

‘I must say that Beautiful is not someone who we should spend time discussing him because he is not my co-equal in anything’.

Agya Koo told Ashh fm that actor Clement Bonney has been peddling falsehood about him. ‘’Mr. Beautiful is an attention seeker, he just wants to use my name to revive his fame but I will not spend time in responding to such a brainless man’’.

‘’What I know is NPP is the only party that can accelerate development in the country’’ he added




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