Diamond Appiah Calls Afia Schwar’s Lover imbecille, douchebag & more

Standupgh.com on Saturday published honeymoon Photos of Afia Schwar and her lover taken in South Africa. The photos of Afia and her New found love has since flooded social media with fans of Afia sending congratulatory messages.

According to Afia Schwar, she has finally located her Adam and yes, she has decided to go to SA to relax herself together with her lover, Lawrence Abrokwah.


It seems not everyone is impressed with Afia Schwar and her newly found love. Afia’s nemesis, Diamond Appiah in a post on Instagram has thrown shots aimed at Afia and her Lover. Calling Afia’s lover a ‘Gigolo’.(a young man paid or financially supported by a woman, typically an older woman, to be her escort or lover).

Diamond Appiah seems to know Afia’s man very much by revealing that Afia’s man known as Mr Abrokwa was once married to a South African woman old enough to be his Grand Mother.

She further claimed that while God is blessing Other women with successful and Billionaire husbands, Unwanted waste products such as Afia are ending up with Jobless ex bouncers as husbands.


Read her full post below:


My dearest MERCY at Westlands ..We have finally found the JOBLESS GIGOLO called Lawrence that engaged, impregnated n absconded with the little Money u made from your Boutique business. The same guy that was married to that South African woman old enough to be his great grandmother because of papers n deceived the woman that u were his cousin whenever u visited SA. The evil that men do surely do live after them ampa bcos he has finally been rewarded with a DOUCHEBAG of his kind. God they say is not like a “Nigerian Man” and karma is definitely a b***** .. Hahahaaaahaaaaaaaa I can’t think far n holistic on this one. while God is blessing women with SUCCESSFUL n BILLIONAIRE husbands. The unwanted waste products are ending up with Jobless ex bouncers as husbands.. Lmaoooooooo but we r not surprised bcos birds of the same feathers Fly together. My dear Mercy do pass by my crib n lets pop some Champagne this evening before we continue our campaign at Trobu Constituency ..😂😂😂😂😂😂 I Laff enter the Gigolo’s association of husband’s headquarters …ROTFL …NB: IF U WANT TO SHOW OF A MAN ON SOCIAL MEDIA…IT BETTER BE A REAL MAN TO WRITE HOME ABOUT NOT A JOBLESS IMBECILE 😂😂 …DEAD!! #ANGEL COME FOR UR STONE OOO



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