I Am Single and Searching – Emelia Brobbey

Kumawood Actress Emelia Brobbey seems to have had enough Of The Cheating Rumours surrounding her. In a post on Facebook the Actress revealed that her silence has given room for people to talk all sort of negative stuff about her.

She added that after her divorce with her husband five years ago, she hasn’t been in any kind of relationship so there wasn’t anyone to be cheated on and as a matter of fact, she is still searching.

Read her post below.

“Silence they say is golden but too much silence gives room to unnecessary rumours,we know people are sponsoring others to tarnish our hard earned image for reasons best known to them,at the right time am gonna address this with facts.
“Thanks for the support through them all.
“I WANNA STATE THIS,I’ve been divorced for 5years now,never married after that,there wasn’t anyone to be cheated on as my husband with those called rumours,am not in a relationship with any one,not married to anyone, have been very single and still searching! Kindly let my name rest or better still get your facts right.”

In a previous  interview with award winning presenter, Naa Klordey Odonkor on Ultimate FM, she rubbished rumours that her husband divorced her for another lady, insisting that the false reports were not an issue to bother about.

When asked about her husband getting married to another woman, she noted “I don’t know, I have no clue and I don’t want to know because all they are saying I know nothing about it”.

She added, “They might have heard stuff but they don’t know what they are saying, I haven’t cheated and I won’t, me when I love, I love with my everything.”

“Marriage isn’t everything, getting close to God and taking care of your kids is everything”, she noted.

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