Friends Made Me Blind – Otwinoko

Lindsford Kwabena Asare, popularly known as “Otwinoko” has  for the first time elaborated how he got to his present state. Otwinoko has for the first time revealed what he went through after loosing his sight. The radio broadcaster also alleged that his friends has a hand in his current condition.


Rumors spread a couple of years ago that one of kumasi’s finest brodcasters, Otwinoko is on his death bed, with some superstitious believers even claiming that he had been struck down by some powerful forces he challenged . A lot was said about him after he was not heard on radio for several years. Otwinoko is back on radio after several years but is without  his sight.

According to him, he relies on a twenty-two thousand dollar ($22,000) customized Iphone 10 which aids him to walk and work in view of his blindness.

‘I went to South Africa to do a transplant but they could not do it, spent couple of months in Malaysia as well, they should have done it one after the other but the condition was severe, so they did the two when I came back to Ghana, it failed, when I went back they couldn’t fix it back, I went to Nigeria and they also couldn’t fix it, so went to the United States, San Francisco.

This is IPhone 10, more advanced, it’s not in the system, its customised from Harvard University, so I have everything on the phone, it can capture you, it can tell me the colour of your dress, everything, I bought it twenty two thousand dollars with my own money ($22,000), that is what I use when I go to the studios, I have everything here. I connect it to the console, flip it for reggae, play music, everything, calls, so I am ok, so if I want to dash people money. I just capture the currency and it will tell me the amount, if its 10 bucks or 100 bucks it tells me and I dash it out to people, ‘he explained. Otwinoko who is currently working with Accra based Hot Fm indicated that he loves radio but has not missed working in Kumasi praying to God to guide him from his friends.

‘My short prayer is that God guide me from my friends, because your enemy stay far from you, those who dine, smiles with you harbour bad intentions, and eliminate you,’ he said.




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