This is How Much A US President Is Paid

To become a President of the United States is NO EASY TASK! It involves alot of strategic planning, a whole lot of money and alittle bit of luck. You must bear in mind that, these requirements only comes into place after you have passed the country’s constitutional requirements.

The US Presidential election just came to an end with Donald Trump Being the surprising winner. Trump spent about half of what Hilary Clinton did on his way to the presidency; His campaign committee spent about $238.9 million through mid-October while Clinton spent a whooping  $450.6 million . Those numbers do not include spending from Oct. 20 to Election Day

One would wonder why an individual would want to go through all this hustle and also spend these huge sums of money to become a  President of a country like the United States. A country which is constantly targeted by terrorist. Running  for president In the united states might be considered one of the worst job ever, if elected (or re-elected) you must deal with a cascade of domestic and international headaches.

Every job comes with its salary and incentives, today, we are going to take a look at how much the President of the United States Earns.

The President of the United States earns an annual base salary of $400,000. The President is also given a few nice bonuses like an annual expense account, a travel account and a $20,000 entertainment stipend. These fringe benefits bring the President’s total salary to just over $550,000 each year.

Do you think the President of the United States is being paid so little (relatively), considering the huge sums of  money’s spent on campaigns to the weight and responsibility of the job?  Well, some decades are better than others!




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