Paul Pogba’s dab is now Considered a maths problem

The Manchester United midfielder has become synonymous with the dance move as a goal celebration, but he is now the subject of an exam question in France

The art of celebration in football has taken on a life of its own, with the days of handshakes and slaps on the back now long gone.

Carefully choreographed routines are now the norm, with the actions that follow finding the target often more complex than the finishing of the chance itself.

Dance moves are a particular favourite of the modern day sportsman, with those operating on the football field offering the latest craze a whole new platform on which to grow and evolve.

‘The Dab’ has become the go-to pose for many a Premier League star, with Paul Pogba very much the cheerleader-in-chief.

The France international has been honouring his strikes with the pose for some time now, with the trend first starting during his days at Juventus.

He is now on the books at Manchester United, but has become so synonymous with the move that his actions have become the subject of a maths question in his homeland.



Students are required to work out whether the two triangles formed by Pogba’s shoulders and arms can be considered perfect by the rules of Pythagoras’s theorem.

That all sounds very complicated, with the interest shown in celebrations perhaps now being taken too far!

Pogba seems quite taken with the attention, though, writing on Twitter: “The dab is useful, am I approved?”





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