Reggie Rockstone Is A Bad leader – Joe Frazier

The Hiplife Rhyme doctor Joe Frazier left the scenes for so long but has made a significant return with his Music clean up campaign.

The “shii shii” hitmaker has released a song titled “Borla goods” which features Ogya Mensah.

According to Joe Frazier songs that are not properly done,lack content and full of swear words fall into the category of “Borla Goods”.

The song has received massive airplay both on radio and television. In an interview with Dr Cann, host of Showbiz Extra on Happy 98.9fm, the “Borla” Rapper explained why he released this song at this time ,” we started this rap game back in the days, churned out great songs but now when I listen to songs from the new ones I feel very sad, they lack content and are full of swear words” Joe lamented.

He further stated his disappointment in Reggie Rockstone who is seen as the Godfather of Hiplife,”I’m sad about the fact that he watched unconcerned for the young ones to mess the game with a lot of bad (Borla) Songs.

As the leader as he claims to be, he should have stood against it. To ensure that our good works don’t end in vain.

“As a leader of this game I need to speak to change the system.

This “Borla song” is a project and is meant to eradicate all bad( Borla) goods from the system.” He ended.



Source: vibesin5


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