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Shatta Wale Expecting A Chatter House Appology

Dancehall act, Shatta Wale’s nomination for last year’s VGMAs was rejected by the organizers, Charterhouse. According to Charterhouse, Shatta Wale has overly disrespected the scheme by using derogatory words against the scheme and asked him to apologize before they would accept his forms. Because Shatta Wale didn’t apologize, his songs weren’t nominated last year.

Well, Shatta Wale in an interview with LTE on Joy News on Multi TV, Shatta Wale disclosed that he isn’t ready to work with Charterhouse unless Charterhouse repent from their sins, stop their wickedness and ask forgiveness from him.
On whether he will submit his songs for nominations come next year, he said,

“I believed I’ve worked hard last year to get more awards but my actions and speaking the truth have costed me a lot. No, I will only do that if they will repent, stop their wickedness, ask for forgiveness and hatred and yes, I will work with them. Charterhouse should wise-up and show me respect.”


It seemed Shatta Wale’s problem is he apologizing to the organizers. According to Shatta Wale, Charterhouse just wants him to look someway in their eyes.

“They should repent from telling me to come and apologize. I did a mistake, and I apologized. They should stop asking me to apologize again, they just want me to look someway in their eyes. Can’t they see I’m still flying, my songs are everywhere, presidential candidates are using my Kakai, Mahama Paper and more? Charterhouse should know that there are people in this world they can fight but cannot defeat.”

So no VGMAs for Shatta Wale next year, i guess?

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