Sarkodie’s “Hand to Mouth” featured in New American TV

Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie will soon be smiling to the bank as his December 13 2015 released single Hand to Mouth got featured in new American TV series Ice.

An AT&T Original Series from Antoine Fuqua, Sarkodie’s Hand to Mouth is heard in one scene of the first episode where a black folk tortures a white man for perhaps a diamond deal gone wrong.

It is described as a high-impact, serialized crime drama that follows the Green family as they plunge into the underbelly of the L.A. diamond trade. Jake and Freddy are half-brothers brought together by their father Isaac, the patriarch behind G&G Diamonds, and their uncle Cam. After wild card Freddy kills a prominent diamond dealer, Jake must bail him out and save the family business while maneuvering among jewelry thugs, blood diamond deals, false certificates and the feds.



Judith Shekoni (“Heroes Reborn,” “The Twilight Saga” franchise) is a member of a starring cast that also includes Cam Gigandet (“The Magnificent Seven,” “The Twilight Saga” franchise), Jeremy Sisto (“Law and Order,” “Suburgatory”), Ray Winstone (“The Departed”),  Raymond Barry (“Training Day”), and Donald Sutherland (“The Hunger Games” franchise).

According to reliable information available to, Ice had originally been ordered two years ago but had to be dropped for creative reasons.

The debut aired on November 16 2016 on Audience Network.

This comes as good news to Sarkodie especially at a time when he intends breaking more boundaries and teraing territories with his music.

Watch the video from below.



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