Woyome confirms giving money to some Key NDC members

Businessman Alfred Woyome has confirmed claims by the opposition New Patriotic Party that he gave monies to some key members of the NDC after he was paid the controversial judgment debt by government in 2010.

The NPP’s communications director Nana Akomea at a press conference today alleged that the embattled businessman was very generous to leading figures of the ruling family including its general secretary Johnson Asiedu Nketia and former presidential spokesperson Koku Anyidoho after he received the huge payment from the state.

In a counter statement on the issue, Mr Woyome admitted giving monies to some officials of the NDC but added that his financial support for the party predates the payment of the judgment debt to him.

“The support increased before 2008 and beyond.

Steve Kpordzi was repaid monies he borrowed to Mr Woyome personally.
Koku Anyidoho was supposed to refund a debt of printed party T-Shirts that Mr Woyome promised to refund on behalf of the Party,” the statment said.

He however revealed that his office has been burgled in recent times and items stolen include the information which has been put in the public domain by the NPP.

Below are details of the statement

The office of Mr Woyome was broken into three times.

Computers, documents etc were taken away.

The case has been with the Legon Police ever since.

Juju was planted and sprinkled on the compound of the office.

The police have all the records.

Akomea now says he got some documents from Mr Woyome’s office?

Some of those documents include the cheque studs he is displaying.

Mr Woyome has been supporting the NDC heavily since 2001.

The support increased before 2008 and beyond.

Steve Kpordzi was repaid monies he borrowed to Mr Woyome personally.

Koku Anyidoho was supposed to refund a debt of printed party T-Shirts that Mr Woyome promised to refund on behalf of the Party.

Business men also pay for NPP electioneering materials.

Don’t they.

Mr. Woyome did all these for his party without expectations.

Mr. Woyome and his companies have never borrowed from the ADB.

All monies paid to Mr Woyome was paid legally as a result of a court order.

How Mr. Woyome spend his money is his own business, private and personal to him.

It has never happened in the history of Ghana or anywhere else where a private individual’s personal life is abused in such a proportion blatantly.

Mr. Woyome will test the law.

The Court of Appeal found NPP cabinet culpable and the cause of the Judgement debt.

What is worrying is that EOCO headed by Akpadzi Mortey, The AG Department personified by Martin Amidu, National Security headed by Gbevlo Lartey used the EOCO law and obtained all of Mr. Woyome’s bank transactions Countrywide and through Martin Amidu handed it over to the NPP to create the impression to Ghanaians and the whole wide world as though something has been wrongfully done.

Mr. Woyome is not a GoG official, he is not the Court, he is also not an armed rubber.

Never in the history of civilise Nations has the Judgement of a Court of competent Jurisdiction basterdised and criminalised.

Yesterday, Dr Bawumia and his wife also mislead the whole world on an NPP final Rally platform in the tradefair center by insulting and maligning Mr Woyome and his entire family.

Dr Bawumia was in the Bank of Ghana and worked with the research department that tested and passed the documentary Financial Document , termed the letter of Support, that was ascertained by Central Tender Review Board through a concurrent approval.

The NPP knows that this singular case will lead to the arrest of over 30 members of their Cabinet including Akomea, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo, etc.

They actually pre meditated the crime as evidenced by the famous cabinet memo authored by Yaw Osarfo Marfo who testified in court and is on record to blame it on the rest of the cabinet members.

The Court of Appeals of the Republic of Ghana has clearly said Mr. Woyome was rightly paid while the Supreme Court says it was unconstitutional.

The International Courts and Tribunals are yet to come out with their decisions.

How then did Mr. Woyome loot?

We call on the AG to as a matter of fairness and the respect for the rule of Law pursue the issue of the criminal cabinet memo now without any further delay.

President John Mahama has nothing to do with this case as a Vice President nor as a President.

Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has a lot to do with it through the Akosombo cabinet meeting and subsequent decisions which included the illegal Chinese deals and the Barclays 100 million dollar loan.

The people in the NDC who were bent on covering Akomea and Co Cabinet and and tried to perscute me for the NPP thereby creating all these situations should be ashamed of themselves by now.

Mr. Woyome never said any where that he was going to expose anybody.


This is also one of the usual NPP concocted lies.

Alfred Woyome’s lawyers and the Police are working on the case.

A cold case in the police station concerning the breaking into Mr. Woyome’s office has become hot.

Issued by The Office of Alfred Agbesi Woyome

Signed :

Reginald Seth Dogbey.

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