4 Annoying Things We All Do On Whatsapp!

Accept it! We all have, at some point done these annoying things on  whatsapp. If you haven’t, you’re probably lying!

In this age of smartphones, where people have replaced the-calling-tradition with instant chat messengers, Whatsapp is one app that has claimed its popularity universally. But, the scary part is that this habit of using chat messengers has made all of us develop creepy stalker tendencies, which stands true for Whatsapp users the most. Here are four things that all of us do on Whatsapp, or rather, Whatsapp does to us!


1. Last seen syndrome

 Take a deep breath and admit it. No matter how much frequent, but we all have committed this sin of opening a particular contact’s chat window and checking when they last came online or ‘when they last had a chat with someone’ actually.

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