Ghanaians are simply hypocrite – Afia Schwar

It seems the Rashida Black Beauty-Jigwe awards brouhaha isn’t dying anytime soon. Sometime back, it was Adom FM’s Afia Pokua condemning the whole Rashida thing, then Lydia Forson came through defending the poor girl, well now, it’s the turn of comedienne Afia Schwar to share her view.

According to Afia Schwar, Ghanaians are simply hypocrite. She talked about the fact that some sections of Ghanaians came hard at her when she tried defending herself when Hon. Kennedy Adjapong disrespected her but the same sections of Ghanaians are commending Rashida Black Beauty for saying she’s good in bed, that education is unnecessary and more.

On Gram, she posted,

 Just in case you don’t know Ghanaians…let me tell you who they are…
The same people who call me names(like I care!!!) for defending myself,the same people who come attacking me cos some grown up didn’t respect himself and I had to do the do,….Are the same people hailing a 16 years girl call Rashida who instead of going to school decided to tell the whole world how unimportant education is,how good she is in bed and how Malaafaka Ghanaians are.
So I, a 34 years mother of 3 can’t defend myself but Rashida 16 who Is the same age group as my sons can say all manner of things and get hosted by a TV station like viasat1…then we have a big problem..
Maybe it’s about time we start exporting hypocrisy!!!!
Good morning Africa!






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