Invite me to the vetting of Socrate Safo – Leila Djansi

Well, currently there is one person seriously lobbying for the Deputy Minister of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts, and it’s no other person than the legendary Hot Fork movie producer, Mr. Socrate Safo.

It’s an open secret that Socrate Safo and multiple award-winning filmmaker, Leila Jewel Afua Djansi used to work in the past and yes, gone their separate ways due to reasons best known to them.

The Ties that bind movie producer posted her plea on Facebook and  it’s going to no other person than Socrate Safo even though she didn’t mention his name.

She is pleading with the Parliamentary vetting committee to please invite her too the vetting of Socrate. According to Leila, someone is planning to ruin the film industry.

She posted,

Who do I see lobbying aggressively for deputy minister of film, tourism and culture in Ghana?

Please invite me to the vetting. Y’all must be planning to ruin the film industry. By their fruits!

Please go to GHAFTA and find a capable hand.

Well, Prez Nana Addo is yet to mention the deputy minister for Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts, let’s keep our fingers crossed as to whether Socrate will make the cut and whether Leila will get her plea accepted by the Vetting committee.




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