My Song Is For The Public; Other Parties Can Use It – Mary Agyemang

One of the many songs the New Patriotic Party used during its campaign prior to the 2016 general election was gospel musician Mary Agyemang’s “Change Over” single.

The song which talks about change in a person’s life was best for NPP’s 2016 campaign hence their decision to use the music to propagate the party’s change in government agenda. Not only was the song used for campaign, the songstress behind the song, Mary Agyemang mounted many NPP campaign platforms to entertain the party followers who had gathered to listen to their candidate’s message.

After 2016 election, Mary Agyemang has detailed why she performed at NPP campaigns. Speaking to Zionfelix on Radio Univers in Accra, the songstress explained that she accepted to perform at NPP campaigns because she wanted to win souls for Christ with her song, “Change Over”.

“The song was in line with their (NPP) message so maybe that is why they always needed me on their campaign platforms.” she added.

When asked if NDC which is in opposition and would be fighting for change in government can use the “Change Over” song during the 2020 election campaign, she replied that the song is for the public so she would have no problem if any political party including National Democratic Congress (NDC) uses the song as a campaign song in 2020.

“The song “Change Over” speaks for many people so if they (NDC) feel that the song is selling their message in 2020, they are good to use it because it wasn’t composed for a particular party” Mary Agyemang told Zionfelix On Radio Univers’ Brunch 2 Lunch Tuesday noon.

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