I did Not Marry My Husband Because Of Money – Kafui Danku

Over the years, actress Kafui Danku has been accused of following money and not love and getting married to a man who can equally be labelled as his uncle due to the age difference by critics.

Well, Kafui Danku has finally given birth after 3 miscarriages and one still birth, and over the weekend, Baby Lorde was outdoored.

However, since she posted photos from the Baptism and Thanksgiving ceremony, trolls were back and this time, the negative comments on her social media pages about her ‘growee’ husband was too much for her to bear and she decided to voice her heart out for once.

She posted,

Pls… Stop sending screenshots of the negative comments…Pls it’s enough… I’ve seen and heard more positive vibes so enough of the negative ones already. Not everyone will agree with ur choices but it’s their opinion and they can keep it to themselves If they can’t be inspired…. (It’s no news though) Negative screenshots don’t work for me. Thank you

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