We lost because the youth were impatient for change – Mahama

Former Ghana President John Dramani Mahama has opened up on a number of issues that he thinks could have led to the National Democratic Congress (NDC)’s loss in last year’s polls.

The NDC’s eight-year reign came to an end after Nana Akufo-Addo of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) defeated John Mahama by a whooping 53.85%.

A committee – led by Professor Kwesi Botchwey – was set up by the hierarchy of the NDC in the aftermath of the 2016 polls to investigate the party’s defeat.

However, the ex-president has now talked up a number of issues which could have led to his party’s loss.

Speaking to some minority and leading members of the NDC in Accra, Mahama said the party’s loss could somehow be attributed to a general quest for change by the populace.

“We (NDC) exited in a historical context and so we should look at everything that happens in the context of history. I studied history for my first degree so I always like to analyze history.

“There is a certain wind breezing across the world and so even though there might have been acts of omission or commissions on our part that led to our loss it is also part of a certain wind that is sweeping across the world,” the ex-president said.

And Mahama believes it could be down to impatience on the part of the current generation, insisting the youth are “in a hurry to see results.”

“The world’s population is increasing, social media has brought communications to the doorsteps of people. In Africa we have a very young population that is impatient and they are in a hurry to see results.”

“And so, when you have that kind of situation then despite your best effort…for them, change and things must happen at a breakneck speed. They don’t realize that change takes time and takes diligence and perseverance to nurture to be able to grow fruits.

”And so when you have that kind of situation then you can understand the context in which what has happened [happened],” the ex-president explained.”

Mahama also urged the minority MPs to work hard in opposition to ensure that the NDC returns to power in 2020.

“I’m sure that all of you are up to the task. And you all have to work extra hard in opposition not only in parliament but also in your constituencies. Part of the reasons for some of the loss in some of the constituencies is how frequently you go back; how you associate with the people not only in respect of what you do for them but identifying with then and letting them know that you’re one of them,” Mahama said.

He added that the party needs all members to “overcome the blame game because in the final analysis it was not the result of one person’s omissions or commissions that made us lose.”

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