OFFICIAL: List of Vehicles At The Office of The President

Governance is about the people and for the people; it is for this reason that governments are instituted to hold the resources in trust for the people.

The principle for this relationship between the citizenship and the government is openness and trust. It is in that vein that the Director of Communications at the presidency, Eugene Arhin, informed the people of Ghana about the over Two Hundred (200) missing vehicles from the presidency.

These 200 vehicles were given to officials of the past NDC government to use and to return same to the Presidency upon being booted out of office.

The hard truth is that, the cars were not returned. Unfortunately, in keeping with their propagandist behaviour, the NDC is only busy sharing a list of some so called 641 cars.

They have blindly decided to behave as though the list equals the actual cars.

There are a few facts of this issue:

1. The government received a Total of 218 vehicles.
a. The government received 173 serviceable vehicles.
b. The government received 45 unserviceable vehicles.

These are the bare facts. For the avoidance of doubt, the list of vehicles with the Registration Number, Make of Vehicle and the Chassis Numbers has been attached.

The clear fact is that the only people who know the persons who were allocated these cars are the NDC.

The NDC should therefore tell the government of the Republic of Ghana who they gave the cars to so that they will be retrieved.

The so called 641 cars are not at the presidency.

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source: peacefmonline

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