Go And Check If ‘ Majesty ‘ Is Truly Your Son – Ara B Tells Shatta Wale

Ara B has reiterated his call on Shatta Wale to check the DNA of his son Majesty to ascertain whether Majesty is truly his baby or not.

Ara B some months ago was arrested by Shatta Wale for using unprintable words on his wife in a post on Facebook. In the post, Ara B alleged that Shatta Michy is a lesbian and a hoe who sleeps with friends of Shatta Wale. He called on Shatta Wale to go to the hospital to have a DNA test to check whether the baby was truly his.

Although Ara B was arrested for these allegations, he seems not to have retracted them as he has reiterated his call on Shatta Wale to go have a DNA test on his son Baby Majesty.

“It is just DNA. It is simple just check if baby Majesty is your son that is what I am telling him. It’s not only me other people are also fighting for the same purpose. There is no beating around the bush, insulting and going to court, just go and check if he is your son he is your son, if he is not he is not,” he told Accra-based joy news.

When Ara B was pushed to confirm if he thinks Majesty is not the son of Shatta Wale, he said: “Ara B, I think they should do a DNA”.

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