Nana Addo might need Ministers for Whatsapp, Facebook – Deputy Minority Leader

Deputy Minority Leader, James Avedzi, has mocked President Nana Addo’s appointment of over 100 Ministers to steer the affairs of his government, saying he may as well appoint Ministers specifically for Whatsapp and Twitter if need be.

Various organisations and groups have criticized the President for taking such a decision which they believe will among other things burden the public purse and also worsen corruption.

Speaking on the Point Blank segment of Eyewitness News, Mr. Avedzi questioned the rationale behind some of the President Nana Addo’s appointments.

Citing examples to support his argument, he questioned why the President appointed four persons just for the Ministry of Information

“Do we need four Ministers at the Ministry of Information? What are they going to do?What are the job contents?What is the end result?How will the four Ministers at the Ministry of Information impart on the welfare of Ghanaians ….?”

Asked whether it was wrong for the President to appoint four persons for the Information Ministry since they will be performing specific roles, he said:  “ If that is the argument to go by, then he might need more Ministers for the Ministry of Information. It means he might need a Minister for Whatsapp who will be monitoring the Whatsapp page, he needs a Minister for Facebook, he needs a Minister Twitter. I don’t think he needs four Ministers at the Ministry of Information. There is going to be redundancy. They will not do anything. They will use our salaries to pay them and that is just too much.”

He wondered whether the President took into consideration the huge burden his decision will  have on the public purse before resorting to such a move.

“Let’s take the number of  Ministers and let’s analyse them one after the other. The Ministry of Information, which has a substantive Minister and three Deputy Ministers …These Ministers are going to rely on the scanty resources of this nation. These Ministers are going to be provided with accommodation, these Ministers are going to rely on state resources to perform their roles. These Ministers are going to be provided with office accommodation.”

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