7 Questions To Ask A Girl If You Really Want To Know Her

So, you’re about to meet that girl you’ve had a crush on for the longest time; but you’re completely dumbfounded about how to break the ice or how to hold her attention?

While you can be a bit of your broody mysterious self, because that’s appealing, you have to show some desire to get to know what it is that makes her tick, what her likes/dislikes are and what essentially constitutes the person she is, be it the way she holds her world together or the craziest thing she has done in her life.

And as you’d surely want to get a sneak peek into her world, here are a few interesting yet meaningful questions you could ask her to get an idea of the woman that she is:

1. “What is that one achievement that you are most proud of ?”

This will give you an insight into her strengths, her willpower and her determination towards the goals that she dreams of achieving in her life.

2. “Would you prioritize work over love ?”

In today’s day and age, where women are becoming the bread earners in many families, this question will highlight a woman’s priorities, her work ethic and her unstoppable ambition.

This will also let you know what she’d prioritize if and when there comes a point in her life where she has to choose between one or the other.

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