I never collapsed after smoking – Maame Dokono

Veteran actress Grace Omaboe, popularly known as Maame Dokono, has denied rumors that she collapsed and was hospitalized after smoking cigarette.

The incident is reported to have happened while she was on set of an upcoming movie dubbed ‘John & John’ by Kofas Media.

Maame Dokono has been in the news for being hospitalized at a private hospital following a severe heart attack after smoking cigarette as part of her character in the movie.

Speaking on Adom News, the ace actress said even though she smoked the cigarette and coughed slightly afterward she never had any side effect.

“Though I coughed after I pulled the smoke the first time I never fainted neither did I have a heart attack, they are all speculations,” she emphasized.

When asked if she had ever smoked before, Maame Dokono said she has never tried it.

Corroborating her story, Chief Executive Officer of KOFAS Media, Kofi Asamoah said the actress encountered minor uneasiness after smoking but did not have any heart problem.

“Her character required her to smoke and we were expecting a very smooth one until she had a small discomfort because she had never smoked before,” he noted.

He added that Maame Dokono is a strong woman and was able to play the role as required by the script.

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