Ive Lost Most Of My Friends Ever Since I Became Born Again – Majid

Ghanaian actor Majid Michel has disclosed why he let go some friends who cannot help him achieve his goals he’s set for himself as a Christian.

According to him, his vision determines his friends and so to be at a better position in serving God effectively he has to make room for those who will help him attain that goal, hence has shown the exit to those who can no more reason with him as a converted Christian.

“If you’ve a plan or goal it determines the kinds of books you read, the kinds of friends you hold and the kinds of people you hang around with and Pascal and Timothy became close to me because we’ve like minds of doing the work of God and they’ve become my friends.

“Even if we go to a hotel and I’ve a lady friend, I’m monitored by Pascal and he asks who that person is. Sometimes I can have friends who can entertain lady friends and that makes it very important to know which friends you can really move with…”

The actor in an interview on Abusua Fm with Ike De Unpredictable disclosed that others prefer to read the Bible in Hebrew, Greek but for him he studies the Bible with the help of the Holy Spirit and that gets him more inspired as a Christian.

According to him, he is not pretending to be Christian but he has availed himself for Christ to use and as a result he’s not bothered about issues that crop up in his life.

Well it looks like actor Majid Michel is on the right course as he has been spotted several times ministering to a congregation at the Zoe Chapel International at Tabora, Accra.

Majid together with Pascal Anangfio and Timothy Bentum have used various platforms available to them to preach the word of God and to teach the true meaning of religion.

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