Mzbel Deny Reports Making Rounds That She Spends GHC1,000 On Bleaching

Ghanaian musician Belinda Nana Ekua Amoah popularly known as Mzbel has denied a Starr FM report that she spends over GHC1,000 on bleaching creams to keep her skin in shape.

In a statement released on her Instagram page, Mzbel said “the radio station decided to twist what I said on the show to create an impression contrary to my intention”.

Starr FM reported earlier that the ‘Saucy Girl’ hit-maker had admitted that she took to skin bleaching after completing her senior secondary education because it was the norm in the locality she grew up.

“Bleaching in James town at the time was common. It wasn’t a big deal at all”.

“Attempts to stop bleaching have been very difficult as the side effects are so clear when I make the attempt…I am able to afford the cream because I have a job that pays well,” Mzbel was quoted as saying.

She further revealed that “there are some bleaching products that cost GHC1,000 which lasts for just three weeks”.

But in a swift response, Mzbel said she was rather advising young girls to stay away from the practice, insisting Starr FM distorted her statement.

Below is Mzbel’s full statement


It is true that I granted an interview on Morning Starr today, but it Is unfortunate that the radio station decided to twist what I said on the show to create an impression contrary to my intention.

I admit that I started bleaching after I graduated Senior High School because at the time, it was a regular thing most girls and women were doing where I was raised and wasn’t much of a big deal but I decided to quit years after, due to ridicule by friends in tertiary and that was when I realized the unpleasant side effects. I mentioned the GH¢ 1,000 to indicate how much I spend to protect my skin against the side effects associated with bleaching after I stopped.
I was rather advocating for the fact that we need to advice our young girls not to adopt bleaching. Most of them may not be able to control the side effects when they decide to quit and this can lead to many predicaments including skin cancer.
That’s what I said and the fact that, my BELCARE Foundation is keen on educating the young girls of Jamestown to desist from the act whenever we have the opportunity to interact with them.

Unfortunately for me, Starr Fm decided to misquote my statement. I am not proud to spend such an amount for creams just to protect my skin from bleaching side effects because I could use this money for other productive ventures. As a role model, I feel it is my responsibility to share my story so that others can learn from it because If I were educated on this at a younger age, I wouldn’t have to spend so much just to protect my skin.
At this moment, it is sad to say that I regret ever granting STARR FM an interview this morning. They lost sight of the main focus. My intention was to caution people and I hope our young ladies do not fall victim to bleaching.

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