Why You Shouldn’t Accept The Person That Left You Back !

It all seems perfect at first. You meet, you get to know each other, you make memories together; it all feels amazing. They will make you feel like happy and content never before. You will feel alive again – life will seem to be perfect.

But before you could seep all the happiness in, there comes many turn of events and they leave you without any explanation, without any notice. They will leave you broken and confused. You cannot do anything but despise yourself for letting this happen to you; to fall for the wrong person, yet again.

A little while after you gain your senses back, you knew somewhere in your heart that it was actually the most positive thing. You knew subconsciously that you were lucky that this person was no longer a part of your life because you opened yourself up for someone new, someone better, a more extraordinary love, someone who deserves you. Someone who always lifts you up, and not just on the days when they’re in a good mood, when it’s convenient for them.

You live through the entire trauma and move on with your life; that is when they decide to come back. They come back when you are least expecting them.

Please, don’t forget about all the nights you cried till you had no tears left. Don’t ever forget about why you parted ways. Don’t forget about how they spun you around in their toxicity and drowned you in all their issues and cared no bit about you.

Don’t ever forget about that pain, that excruciating pain they caused that left you so torn that you felt helpless. Don’t ever forget that someone who cares about, loves you, will never ever do anything to hurt you. And even if they do, it is just to make themselves feel better because you will always be their emotional punching bag.

They will always use you to feel good because you are amazing and strong and they know you love them so much. They know you will always take them back.

You deserve someone who doesn’t give you internal conflicts. Someone who never leaves when things get hard, when life becomes complicated, when you’re lost and confused and aren’t sure of what to do next. Someone who never leaves when you get caught in the rain, someone who never gets swayed no matter how many people are trying to get their attention, because in their heart they know that what they have with you comes once in a lifetime.

The good moments that you shared in the past will compel you to take them back but remember; when someone has destroyed you and your happiness once, they will always, always do it again.

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