Abeiku Santana Defends Ebony’s Style Of Dressing

Tourism ambassador Abeiku Santana has rejected talk that Ghanaian dancehall sensation Ebony dresses provocatively to the extent of exposing her breasts.

Ebony, born Priscilla Opoku-Kwarteng, has made a strong entry unto the Ghanaian dancehall scene with a couple of hits including ‘Kupe’, which got her nominated for New Artiste of the Year in the just-ended 2017 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMAs).

The 20-year-old musician has received a lot of criticism on social media for what people have described as indecent dressing and seductive stagecraft.

However, Abeiku Santana told Accra FM Thursday, April 13: “I have never seen Ebony expose her nipple. If anyone sees her breasts showing they should take a photo of it and bring to me.”

When told by the host that he had seen the artiste exposing sensitive parts of her body on many occasions, the radio presenter retorted that it may not be the case. “How! If you are to see anybody’s nipple, then that would mean the person is naked… It is not true that she dresses for her nipples to show,” he stated.

According to Abeiku, who is part of the management of the burgeoning dancehall artiste, Ebony’s genre of music goes with a certain culture and attitude, hence one “cannot do dancehall with…a stiff, rigid demeanour”.

“There are some dancehall artistes who are good but their stagecraft is not the best. The music genre is like going to war … because it is not our culture we see it strange but with time she will mature,” he hoped.

For her, the artiste’s “youthful exuberance” makes her go to the extremes but she will modify her personality as she matures, citing Mzbel as an example.

Mr Santana urged the public to desist from excessive condemnation else it will kill “people’s talent”.


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