Photo: Majid Michel Acquires A Brand New Car Worth $40,000

Majid Michel is a good actor.To me, he is the best actor in Ghana.That’s my opinion as you can have yours.(Feel free to share with us your best actor in the comment section below after this article)

However, there is a saying hard work pays and that’s exactly what Majid is proving.On the photo-laden mobile app the actor cum man of God posted a picture of his newly acquired Audi A5 coupe, which per our investigations cost around 40,000USD.

Majid is not just an actor or a man of God but owns another conglomerate.

And to tell you he is still doing the business of the kingdom, he captioned the photo with a very long but inspired word of God which reads;unedited;

“the definition of a revolution is to take an existing situation which has proved to be unworkable, archaic, impractical and out of date. you seek to destroy it, and overthrow it and to replace it with a system that works. The whole basis of the Scripture is that the human order is archaic, impractical, it is no good, it is infested with demonic power, with sin, racism, hate, envy, jealousy, pride and war. The whole existing human order is infested with ungodliness. And the whole purpose of Christ coming into the world was to overthrow the demonic human system and to establish his own kingdom in the hearts of men. Allow me to quote for you 1 Corinthians ?1:28?: “He has chosen things low and contemptible, mere nothings, to overthrow the existing order” (NEB). That’s the Word of God. Jesus was dangerous because he was changing the system. The whole Roman Empire was shaking. But no shots were being fired, no bombs were being thrown, He had no guns, no tanks, and no ammunition. And, of all the things, he went around preaching a thing called the kingdom of God. But some things started happening. Blind people started seeing, Lame people started walking, people started getting liberated mentally and physically, homes started being put back together. After all these good things yet with one voice they cried out, “Give us Barabbas!” The question is, why Barabbas and not Jesus? Barabbas is the dude burning buildings down, he is killing people. Why him instead of Jesus? Simple. cos if you let Barabbas go, you can always stop him. The most Barabbas will do is go out, round up another bunch of guerrillas and start another riot. And you will always stop him by rolling your police cars into his neighborhood, bringing out the National Guard, putting his riot down, find out where he is keeping his ammunition, raid his apartment without a search warrant and shoot him while he is still asleep. You can stop Barabbas. But how do you stop Jesus? He’s only talking to the people with WORDS. Barabbas thinks burning Buildings will burn the system. Buildings don’t make the system. People make the system. When the mind of the people is changed, the system is changed!!! #LEADERSHiP”

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