Video: I Had Four Miscarriages and Two Ectopic Pregnancies – Vivian Jill Tells Her Story

Actress Vivian Jill giving birth is no more news, yes and that’s because it was reported months back that she’s delivered in United States of America but there’s more to that.

The age difference between Vivian’s first born, Clinton and the new guy is very vast. This didn’t happen because Vivian wanted it so. She was actually chopping the thing hoping to get a child but things were not going as she expected.
According to the multiple award-winning actress, she’s been trying to get a child for the past seven years but all wasn’t going on well.
Speaking to Dave Hammer on Hello FM in Kumasi, the beautiful actress disclosed that she’s had four miscarriages and two ectopics all in a bid to get a new child but God finally heard her cry and gave her another son on February 23 this year.

Watch Vivian Jill Lawrence’s full interview with Dave Hammer on Hello FM in Kumasi below:

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