Confirmed: These Guys Have All Dated Actress Vicky Zugah | Hint: its a tall list

Vicky Zugah was on Peace FM’s entertainment show on Thursday evening and she denied ever dating some of the guys her ex-boyfriend, Leo Mensah mentioned when having an interview with Amanda Jissih on Hitz FM.

This is how the conversation happened between Kwasi Aboagye, host of Peace FM entertainment review and Vicky Zugah.

Kwasi Aboagye: PY Addo Boateng

Vicky Zugah: I never dated PY

Kwasi Aboagye: Chemphe

Vicky Zugah: Chemphe, it was in the news so…

Kwasi Aboagye: Coded

Vicky Zugah: some childhood stuff

Kwasi Aboagye: Eddie Nartey

 Vicky Zugah: No.

Kwasi Aboagye: DJ Cash

Vicky Zugah: Yes

Kwasi Aboagye: Leo Mensah

Vicky Zugah: Yes

Kwasi Aboagye: Bolt

Vicky Zugah: Yes

Kwasi Aboagye: Maxwell

Vicky Zugah: Yes

Kwasi Aboagye: Chase

Vicky Zugah: No

Kwasi Aboagye: DJ Mensah

Vicky Zugah: No

Readers should note that, she only reacted to the names she was asked. There could be more! There are some we know its true but she denied .

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