Most Of My Ex Boyfriends Were Not comfortable With My Work – Nana Aba Anamoah

Host of State of Affairs on GHOne TV, Nana Aba Anamoah says most of the men she dated were threatened about her personality and wanted her to swap her media career for a different job.

According to her, most of her former boyfriends were not comfortable due to her prominence in the media.

The GHOne News editor told KSM, that nonetheless, other young men she has been in relationship with, never bothered but they urged her on with the career.

She recounted how a man she once dated who did not want her to be on TV told her to quit his job because she is getting calls from all sorts of men and could not stand the fact that she handled a political programme.


“I think a lot of my…. when I say a lot it seems I have dated thousands of men. I think most of my ex-boyfriends were quite intimidating but there were some who really couldn’t be bothered, they encouraged me on,” Nana Aba Anamoah told KSM.

Asked if she is a ‘controlled freak’, Nana Aba said, “I’m not actually… I cry easily but on TV I’m a completely different person though I’m very strong but very emotional.”

Answering a question posed to her on what makes her cry, she said, “If you touch my son, I’ll cry because he is my all and life.”


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