We’ll be out of jobs soon if TV stations don’t stop showing telenovelas – David Osei

Actor Prince David Osei has laid bare his fears that the Ghana movie industry will soon collapse if TV stations don’t stop telecasting telenovelas.

According to the movie star, the India and Mexican soaps are the major contributor to the decline in patronage of Ghanaian movies.

“I just got to know that my colleague’s filmmakers in Kumawood have started this Campaign today. I should be holding the Second Placard. These Indian and Mexicans soaps are a major contributing factor to the decline in patronage of Ghanaian movies”

“Almost every TV station you tune in to lately is either showing a Mexican or Indian soap. My fellow Ghallywood actors, let’s wakeup, speak up and stop the hypocrisy; else we will all be out of JOB soon. That is if some of us are not even already out. This is the time to fight for our industry,” he said.

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