DKB Vows To Denounce His Citizenship If …

This week hasn’t been a very good week for Ghanaians, mostly because we had to start the week with very disturbing news; the lynching of the innocent Captain Maxwell Adam Mahama.

The issue of mob Justice is canker that has developed over a long period of time to becoming the order of the day in many Ghanaian communities.

Ghana’s King of Comedy, DKB, who was very disturbed by the gory images and video on social media, says he will denounce his citizenship if Captain Mahama is denied Justice. “We have heard so many cases where justice is not meted out to victims of mob justice. Now with this particular case, there were video evidence circulated on social media that vividly shows the faces of the inhumane perpetrators. So if nothing is done for these people to be brought to book and proper justice served, then I would have no option than denounce my citizenship as a Ghanaian.” He explained.

“We need to feel safe in our country and we also have to have 100% confidence in our security and Justice system. One of the surest ways for us to achieve this is if these cruel people are brought to book and dealt with accordingly. Think about it, a soldier was subjected to this, what about we the civilians? I am better off being a refugee in another country than be in my own country and know that the justice system won’t serve justice to my killers. It’s very sad what happened. My condolences to the family. We need justice for Captain Mahama, because anybody could have been a victim.” He added.

Decorated young Captain Maxwell Adam Mahama of the Ghana Army was a victim of mob justice by some town folks in the Central Region- Denkyira Obuasi. He left behind his wife and two adorable kids. May his soul rest in perfect peace.

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