God Knows How To Hide You Till It’s Your Time To Shine – Gloria Sarfo

Ghanaian movie personality Gloria Sarfo has said God always has a good reason for one’s current situation.

According to the movie icon, the reason why nobody sees the stars during the day but in the night explains Gods plans for every person.

Nobody sees the stars during the day. But in the night, they are visible. God knows how to hide you till it’s your time to shine.

Your invisibility doesn’t mean you do not exist. It only means it’s not your time yet. You are next. Wait patiently; God’s timing is always perfect.

If you wait to be happy, you’ll wait forever. But if you start to be happy, you’ll be happy forever. Keep smiling always.

Life can be happier and stress-free if we remember one simple thought; we can’t have all that we desire but God will give us all that we deserve. Stay blessed and have a fruitful and glorious day

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