Nshona Music declares Ownership Of Azonto

If you have loved and followed the globally recognised music and dance movement, Azonto, surely you might have wondered who started the movement or who unearthed that style of music.

While some folks believe that Azonto stands as a new genre of music, others think that it is just a style of hip-life music originating from the coastal towns in Accra, Ghana.

Whatever your opinion may be, Azonto music can not be examined without mentioning the works of Sarkodie, Fuse ODG, E.L, Guru, Keche, Stay Jay and a host of others whose music pushed the Ghanaian sound to the international level.

Same way, we can not talk about Azonta Music without tracing the producers of these Azonto beats. One name which gets mentioned less often for his contribution to the formation and growth of Azonto Music is Nii Bortey Amadaa better known as Nshona Music.

The name ‘Amadaa’ should ring a bell in the head of anyone who claims to be a lover of Azonta Music. This name punctuated popular Azonto songs like  ‘Dangerous -Sarkodie ft E.L’, ‘Aluguintugui – Keche’, ‘Sokode- Keche’, ‘Kaalu – E.L’ etc.

After years of debate among Azonto fans over who is the originator of Azonto Music, Nii Bortey Amadaa (Nshona Music) in a tweet stated that he is the owner of the world recognised Azonto music.

The Nungua based beat maker also in a recent interview with Dr. Pounds seemed to indicate that the likes of Sarkodie and E.L have ignored him after he produced for them massive hit Azonto tunes. Perhaps, this apparent act of non-recognition by the two artistes made Nshona Music lay claim to the title of Originator of Azonto.

Furthermore, this may come as a reply to statements which have credited Sarkodie as the originator of Azonto Music because he
recorded two of Azonto’s biggest hits; ‘You Go Kill Me’ and ‘Dangerous’.  As already mentioned, Nshona Music produced the beats for these two songs.

Between the artiste who recorded the song and the producer who played the beats, who should be accorded the title of ‘Originator’? This is the big question now.


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