Vicky Zugah Slams Delay For Rightfully Calling Her A Liar

I sometimes sit back and watch how some of our so called celebrities act and I ask myself , Do this people have managers at all or do this people know exactly what they are doing?
A while ago embattled Actress Vicky Zugah opened her doors to Delay to be interviewed. In the interview she was asked a simple question ” Have you ever had a one night stand before ? ” Vicky said she doesn’t remember . It was a simple question that demanded a ‘Yes or No’ answer .

After being pressured by the Delay to answer the question, she said its either she has had some in the past but don’t remember or she hasn’t had some at all . In the same interview, she was also asked about the number of men she has dated. Miss Zugah failed to give us a precise answer but admitted they are not less than 10.
Two of Vicky’s Exes came out to tell everyone that Vicky is a liar and looking at recent happenings, I am compelled to believe them.

Today, Vicky is back again telling us that she felt the whole interview with Delay was like some sort of interrogation and has slammed Delay for calling her a liar.

This what she said:

I Woke up to dozens of messages from loved ones,family, friends and a few haters who had guts to send direct messages,just because I harmlessly accepted to grant an interview which turned out to be an I went back to watch it all over again and all I could say was “vicky u are a very tolerant young woman,I won’t lie”. After everything they put my team and I through from 1pm – 6pm, I patiently sat through the entire “interrogation” process till the end..never knew one could easily be called a pathological liar just because they can’t remember vividly an incident that occurred in the past. And my entirel life is considered fake cos I had a temporal tattoo on in the past? That’s it? Why should my showbiz be likened to my personal life? U wanted me to sit on your show and spell in detail everything about my personal life? Then what? Some people have advised that i demand an apology but I wil let this slide for personal reasons. For those of you advising that I put a stop to the campaign and “hide”,sorry, I’ve come too far to quit,only God can stop me now. STILL #SayNoToVoilence #LeaveToLive #TGBTG #ThankGodManIsntGod”

The last time I checked, a celebrity’s manager is entitled to give producers of a show the type of questions he would like his client to be asked, long before an interview even takes place. The one being interviewed has the right to also walk out if he/she thinks the questions being asked are not relevant. Vicky didn’t walk out of the interview, neither did she call Delay after the interview to tell her to cut out certain parts of the interview but rather kept quiet .
Vicky telling us today that she felt she was being interrogated confirms the fact that she is indeed a “pathological liar”.


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