I am Not Jealous About Stonebwoy’s Marriage To Another Woman

They have been linked together romantically ever since they performed Come Over together in 2014 so when Stonebwoy tied the knot a fortnight ago, tongues were already wagging that Dancehall artiste, MzVee is nursing a broken heart.

But the Bokor Bokor singer says she is rather very happy for Stonebwoy and his wife, Louisa.

Perhaps the rumours were making the rounds because of comments the pair had made about each other in the past.

Talking to Showbiz in 2014 Stonebwoy had this to say about MzVee; “MzVee is a woman I feel. She is beautiful, intelligent and has the shape I want from my ideal woman.

Most of all, she is a Dancehall artiste and based on this, the two of us click very well.”

MzVee also said this about Stonebwoy; “I will not dispute the fact that he is a nice person, caring and a boyfriend material.”

However, in a chat with Showbiz last Thursday, MzVee said, “I am not heart broken over Stone’s marriage.I know people might think he jilted me or something but the thing is, I see him like a brother, someone I can talk to and I am very happy for him and Louisa.

“As I have always said, Stonebwoy and I were and are still just friends and not lovers so there is no broken heart matter here. We are like a brother and sister so there is no point in me being offended or jealous of his marriage to another woman.

Marriage is a good thing and I am happy that he has found someone he wants to spend the rest of his life with,” she said.

Asked if he being married would change things between them, she said; “Not at all, Stonebwoy is respectful and a likeable person and the fact that he is married doesn’t mean he will change. If need be that we record together, why not, we will and if we have to perform too sure, we will,” she said.

Touching on her marriage plans, the My Time singer said she also has plans of finding a husband. “Yea, I have plans of settling down but I can’t really tell when. I will settle down when I find the right man.You know the nature of my job and I can’t rush and do something that I will regret later. I believe the Lord will make it happen at the right time and it will be with the right person,” she said.

MzVee who used the opportunity to talk about how successful her high school tour has been said, “the tour has been successful and I am really grateful for the support so far. We hope to do more in the coming months”

She thanked her fans for their support and promised to keep churning out great songs. “I thank my fans for their support and I ask that they keep showing me love and patronise my shows and music,” she said.

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