PHOTO: Guru Acquires A Brand New G-Wagon

Sometimes I feel like ‘strangling’ the neck of people who normally say there is no money in our showbiz industry.

Seriously,there is money in our showbiz industry; it’s all bounds to how you distinctly play your cards.

In this light,after releasing his hit song ‘Kokonpe love’ featuring Singlet and signing ‘Wutah’ onto his NKZ music label,Celebrated Ghanaian hiplife/hiphop musician,Guru has added a new G-Wagon AMG Model to his fleet of cars.

The Azonto frontrunner was spotted  in the G-Wagon AMG model car whilst embarking on a test drive and enjoying his ‘Kokompe” hit song in it.

If’s checks with regards to the price of G-Wagon AMG model is concern, then I think the ‘Kokompe Love’ hitmaker’s G-wagon wouldn’t cost anything less than 125k dollars.

In actual fact, doesn’t envy Guru at all because he has really worked extremely hard throughout his music career so acquiring even a jumbo jet or Donald Trump’s new bomb-proof car,’the Beast’ wouldn’t have been a news.

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