“After Criss Waddle, I had some flings with Shatta Wale, Yaa Pono And Few Others” – Mary

One of the major topics in the entertainment circles last year was the brouhaha between Hiplife artist Criss Waddle ex the 18-year-old girlfriend, Mary.

According to the gossip then, the two met on Instagram and “fell in love”. They starting enjoying themselves until Criss Waddle decided to break it off.

By then, the 18 years old Mary was so deep in love with Criss Waddle that she couldn’t bear it so attempted suicide but was rescued by friends.

The drama between the two gave much gossip during the later part of last year till we heard nothing more from Mary the lady in question.

Well, she has spoken again. But this time she has made more revelations about what really happened between herself and Criss Waddle. She also explained her suicide attempt and other celebrities in Ghana she has flirted with.

The 19-year-old aspiring actress speaking to Rick. I. Kotey Jnr of Empire Fm revealed that all the claims by Criss Waddle that they were mere friends were never true. They were in a serious relationship (She being 18 years by then, I wonder what she knew about relationship to even understand serious relationship…lol)

“We were actually dating. He posted that picture with the caption – I said I’m taken but she still said she loves me..to see the reaction of his fans before introducing me to the public; because he wanted to do a lot for me” Mary Revealed.

Speaking of her attempted suicide, Criss Waddle ex girlfriend said:

” I never attempted suicide. It was all staged. I poured ketchup on myself and at the scene to get Criss’ compassion. I loved him and wanted him back. I still love him”

This is where it gets messier, Mary when asked by the host what she has been up to after the incident and who she has dated or dating now. Criss Waddle ex girlfriend said:

“I want to be an actress. Have started taking few courses on it. That is my dream for now” But after my issue with Criss, I had some flings with Shatta Wale, Yaa Pono and few others. But nothing serious came out of it”

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