Ed Sheeran Deletes Twitter Account After “Game of Thrones” criticism

Following the criticism that came with Ed Sheeran’s appearance on “Game of Thrones,” the singer deleted his Twitter account.

His disappearance was however brief as the singer’s account reappeared hours after it was deleted.

However, all his tweets since 2015 have been deleted and his followers of more than 19 million have been reduced to less than 2000.

Ed Sheeran made his debut on “Game of Thrones” season 7 premiere as one of the soldiers from King’s Landing, who are in transit on a peacekeeping mission.

His unnamed character is seen singing in the forest. His song attracts Arya’s attention and they all end up chatting and sharing a meal.

Prior to his “Game of Thrones” cameo, the 26-year old singer had limited his activity on the platform, stating that he couldn’t handle the online hate directed at him.

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