How To Deal With A Partner That Flirts With Other People On Phone

Most people in a close relationship enter into it with every intention of being faithful to each other. Over time, though, even the most committed of partners may find themselves attracted to someone else.

Recently, you’ve realized that for some reason your partner has begun flirting with some other person on phone. So annoying (Ive been there before and i know how it feels like). Sometimes this is a warning sign to something a lot worse going on, but sometimes it’s just their personality and something you’ll have to deal with if you decide to stay.

Personally, i believe everything has its limits and the longer your partner become flirtatious, the more irritated you feel, and the less you are able to enjoy what is supposed to be a happy occasion (That’s why most people see flirting as cheating ) .You know it’s ridiculous to be jealous, because all they’re doing is talking or chatting. However, you sense that your partner is flattered by this stranger’s attention.

Here are some things to consider to help you figure out what to do if your partner is being too flirtatious.

1. Asses whether he/she has a flirty personality or seeking a female or male attention.  If your man/woman is gregarious with everyone, it might just be who he/she is, but if he’s only nice to hot girls or cute guys , we might have an issue.

2. Be vocal about your feelings. Being with a flirty partner and not communicating about the state of your relationship, what’s happening in it, and how you’re feeling about it is just asking for trouble.

3. Put your foot down when you’re uncomfortable. You can’t force a guy or lady to change their personality (nor should you want to), but your partner should want to make you happy more than anything else.

4. Work on the foundation of your relationship. When the foundation of a relationship is strong, all that surface level stuff matters a whole lot less. Are things great when you’re alone? That’s the first thing to get in order. If you’re trying to work on your foundation and it’s not going anywhere, then maybe the relationship isn’t either and you need to be honest with yourself and each other about it.


5. Don’t demand that your partner change overnight. Expressing your feelings is one thing, but giving that kind of an ultimatum doesn’t usually work out in your favor.

6. Walk away when the flirting goes overboard or he refuses to take your feelings into consideration.  If the flirting is bordering on — or has moved into — actual cheating (like the ” i love you ” kinds of text) it’s time to consider moving on. Confront him/her calmly and ask he/she respects you and your relationship.

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