Stop Waiting For The Perfect Man Because He Doesn’t Exist !

If only real life was like a fairy tale romance? As soon as you turn twenty-one, you’d be swept off your feet by a Prince Charming, before living happily ever after in a nice home with a few children.

Unfortunately, real life is very different. Mr Wrong constantly pops in and out of your lives, as does Mr Lazy and Mr Needy. Real life is stressful and, as women get older, it can make them worry that they’ll  never meet the perfect man.

What are you waiting for? A billionaire dressed in his business suit to come bump into you at the cross roads and fall madly in love with you? This isn’t 50 shades of grey and your story isn’t that of Anastasia Steele. Chances are, you will never find your knight in shining Armour if you keep looking for the perfect man, because he doesn’t exist!

It can be easy to get carried away and focus on finding a man who’s perfect in every way. You have this list in your head against which you tick off every guy you meet but guess what? You aren’t perfect either! Love is out there for you but only if you give up on this notion of perfection.

You have to stop falling in love with the idea of love and actually learn to love with all our hearts. Love isn’t what Romantic novels, Movies and Telenovelas try to sell us, it’s what comes from within.

I am not a relationship expert, but I have been into a whole lot of relationships to realize that, the first step to any successful relationship is learning to love yourself. If you have such high expectations from the person you want to be with then they’re allowed to have the same from you. You have to groom yourself and be the best version of yourself.

Before you go off running looking for the love of your life, focus on other aspects of your life because there’s more to life than simply trying to find ‘the perfect one’. The right guy is the one who is compatible with you and loves you and the one who would do anything to make you smile.

Your life isn’t a romantic comedy, where the ideal guy will just happen to strut into your life looking all perfect and fall madly in love with you. All men are flawed and love isn’t easy. Relationships take time to nurture and effort to maintain.

If you keep pushing us away, the slightly imperfect guys, you might push away your chance at happiness. Let’s say you find the perfect guy, what are the chances that he will fall in love with you? And if there’s no love, there is nothing.

Don’t  be delusional and give love a chance. Find the one person who makes you happy, who really likes you and once you fall in love, there will be no one more perfect for you.

If you waste your time busily obsessing over the perfect guy, chances are the right guy will pass you by and you won’t even notice. Everyone has their flaws and you have to learn to embrace these flaws!



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