Funny Face Apologizes Over Recent Comments Against Ex-Wife

Ghanaian comedian and children’s president Funny Face has rendered an apology for his recent social media rants over his ex wife and asked Ghanaians to forgive him.

In a post on Instagram, the actor said he “overreacted” although he had kept his cool for a while. According to him, his actions were as a result of all the negative stories being peddled about him.

“Good morning Ghana,

I’m truly sorry and I would like to apologize for everything that has been going on.

I’ve been silent regarding this issue for a while and I won’t deny that I overreacted due to the negative things that were being said about me, I still should have kept my cool composure still like I have done all this while regarding this issue and ignored the negativity surrounding all this, but I’m just a normal human being who makes mistakes like everyone else. Once again I’m truly sorry… Please forgive me.. !!

Funny Face earlier responded to false news reports that suggested his ex wife, Elizabeth Adjoa Ntim, had alleged she left him because he couldn’t satisfy her sexually and could last 2 only minutes in bed. (A report the wife has denied)


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