GRIDCO Hints of “DUMSOR” from April-July

The Ghana Grid Company Limited (GRIDCo) has announced, there will be more power cuts, as it works to upgrade its systems.

The company attributes the recent power outages across the country to ongoing construction works on its transmission systems which will continue until July.

Corporate Communications Manager at GRIDCo, Ebenezer Amankwah indicated that a timetable will be made known to the public in the coming days.

He further explained that “The contractors are asking for some outages at some particular places so these are the areas where we are looking at a discussion with some key stakeholders like ECG and NEDCo so we can arrive at some appreciable timetable to communicate where there is the need for outages to happen,”.

The maintenance project will be carried out in some places in Accra,Kumasi and other regions. He revealed that the power outages will be between April and July 2021. He also revealed that the power outages depends on the magnitude of the load of the maintenance in the affected areas.

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